Thank You For Spooning!

Thank you for wanting to join us at the Wooden Spoon! Since we are unable to guarantee exact seating time, we do not accept reservations. Instead, we will happily add your party to our waitlist, which holds your spot in priority sequence, ensuring your party will be seated faster than walk-ins . If you prefer to simply walk-in, our full-service bar or patio are often more readily available, even during peak times.

Our waitlist works by keeping your name in a priority sequence. Waits can be as little as 5 mins to 30 mins if you have your name on the waitlist. If you are just walking in to join us, we try to give an accurate wait time based on the current waitlist times. You are more then welcome to call ahead, or email us to get on our waitlist. When on our waitlist, your presence is not needed until your quoted time or once you have been contacted by us via TEXT. We allocate 10 minutes from your quoted time for your complete party to arrive or from the time we have TEXT you, and if you are not present the next waitlist guests will be seated. Our bar and patio are seated on a first come basis.

Want to get on the waitlist? Please contact us during business hours:
Monday ~ Sunday (9am to 3pm)
604.560.6018 or email us at

*All waitlist requests must be confirmed by management to be validated*

As a way to show our appreciation for the patrons of the Wooden Spoon, we are providing parking vouchers, good for 2 hours in the parking lot behind the restaurant. See you spoon!

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